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30 Day Challenge: Day 9 - How important I think education is

This is very appropriate because today, June 4 2011 was the day of my graduation :)

Today, marching and receiving, holding, cherishing the moment I was handed my diploma was indescribable! It’s like everything slowed down and reality couldn’t have been any more real :)

It was a real goodbye and a real thank you (celebration) to the University of Asia and the Pacific. It was a very happy farewell :)

I can see myself still serving the school by keeping my pledge, by still helping out with orgs, by living out the values I learned from UA&P and by being an awesome Dragon! :>

Yeah, no longer just some lizard. Hahaha gotta say Doc Mar’s speech was amazing! I can’t believe he mentioned Rebecca Black and Friday (fun fun fun)! HAHAHAHA but galing how he related it to life outside the University :) I find it funny too how he mentioned the term “BV” (bad vibes). LOL I will forever look up to that man. I’m proud to say I was his student! That class, Foundations of the Humanities, was THE BEST. It was soooo damn hard but it taught me how to think, how to know and what to know. AMAZING. Hands down to Doc Mar :)

ANYWAY. Back to the 30 day challenge!

Education is very important :)

Not just in school though, I mean you don’t only learn in school. You learn from life experiences. School is merely a formality, an institution, a building.

Sure, you learn almost all the useless things in school, like advanced math shiz, super detailed formulas and/or microorganisms, HISTORY (of religion, of math, of science, of literature, of PE :|) and even how to make a pair of shorts from scratch :|:|:| but yeah, those are essentially useless and personally, I think their purpose is to whet your appetite… To give you a hint of what you might want to consider as a course in college and as a possible career.

It’s quite a variety to choose from, these high school subjects! For me however, I chose a course that wasn’t based solely on just one of those grade school/high school subjects.

By the time I hit college in 2007, the liberal arts captured my heart. The course I chose is very much related to literature and history but the thing with the Humanities was that it had philosophy and art as well…  Those four (lit, histo, art, philo) even under the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) were my strong subjects (except history) so I stuck with Hum. It was my first choice when I applied to UA&P, ever since I filled out that college application, ever since I aced that entrance exam. I didn’t have to think twice about it, it’s what I wanted and I took it.

No regrets :) Today, the diploma that was given to me symbolized and epitomized accomplishment. It gave me this sense of fulfillment and even now, looking at my diploma standing tall beside my grad picture and my beca while I’m surrounded by family and friends here at home, and all my favorite food… It’s just…


Today I can say I’m proud of myself :)

All the hardwork, the juggling between sports, theater and academics, the papers, the classes, the readings…

All done!

It’s hard to believe but I know it’s all true.

Right now, that’s all that matters :)
And that I have a game tomorrow so I will sleep in a while.

Congratulations batch 2011! So far so good B-)

  • 4 June 2011
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